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Goblin Points

Mob NameGP amountMap where to find
Evomon NEBUDE0Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland
Special Evomon NEBUDE0Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland
Golden Iron Knight50Raklion
Great Golden Dragon50Raklion
Ice Queen75Devias
Golden Titan20Devias
Golden Soldier20Devias
Golden Goblin20Noria
Golden Derkon20Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland (random)
Golden Lizard King20Atlans
Golden Vepar20Atlans
Golden Tantalos20Tarkan
Golden Wheel20Tarkan
Golden Dark Knight20Dungeon
Golden Devil20Losttower
Golden Stone Golem20Aida
Golden Crust20Icarus
Golden Satyros20Kanturu Ruins 1-2
Golden Twin Tail20Kanturu Relics
Golden Napin20Swamp of Calmness
Golden Rabbit20Elbeland
Red Dragon100Noria
Death King100Lorencia
Metal Balrog100Lorencia, Devias, Elbeland (random)
Undine150Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Raklion, Acheron, Debenter, Uruk Mountain, Nars
Salamander50Uruk Mountain, Nars
Hellraiser120Nixies Lake
Deep Dungeon Dark Knight50Deep Dungeon
Swamp Monster50Swamp of Darkness
Dead Digger25Kubera Mine
(Elite) Monsters25Abyss of Atlans 3
(Elite) Monsters25Scorched Canyon
White Wizzard50(Lorencia, Devias, Noria, Elbeland)
Moon Rabbit10Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland
Pouch of Blessing10Losttower, Icarus, Aida, Kalima 5
Fire Flame Ghost10Kanturu Ruins 1-2, Raklion, Swamp of Calmness, Kalima 7
Fire Flame Ghost20Elbeland
Golden Budge Dragon50Valley of Loren
Golden Stone Golem10Lorencia
Great Golden Dragon10Lorencia
Elite Great Drakan50Red smoke icarus
Elite Phoenix of Darkness100Red smoke icarus
Elite Temple Ogre75Arenil Temple
Elite Temple Gremlin75Arenil Temple
Elite Temple Gargoyle100Arenil Temple


3. Mini Bosses  
Mob NameGP amountMap where to find
Ferea General100Ferea
Dark Elf100Crywolf
Maya Hand100Kanturu


3. Bosses  
Mob NameGP amountMap where to find
Kundun125Kalima 7
Medusa125Swamp of Calmness
Lord Silvester150Uruk Mountain
Core Magriffy150Nars
Lord of Ferea175Ferea
Ferea Crystal Orb100Ferea
Nix175Nixies Lake
Erohim100Castle Deep
Erohim100Land of Trials
Selupan150Raklion Hatchery
God of Darkness200Swamp of Darkness
Deep Dungeon Gorgon200Deep Dungeon 5


4. Events  
Mob NameGP amountMap where to find
Blood Castle Gate250BC 1-7
Pig (Blue)50BC 1-2
Pig (Green)75BC 3
Pig (Purple)100BC 4
Pig (Red)125BC 5-7
New Year Horse75DS 1-7
Chaos Castle Monster5CC 1-7
Double Goer Monster15Doppelganger Event Map
Imperial Guardian Monster15Gaion Event Map
Cursed Monster50Acheron Guardian Event Map

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