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Lucky Coin Exchange Info

We would like to inform you that we have prepared a system for adding options to your items.

Items will be divided into several classes.

For now, we present the following classes of items.

A, B, C, D, X , S

Class S represent Ruud items (bloodangel,darkangel,etc..)

Maximum excellent options for class A is : 6   
Maximum excellent options for class B is : 6    
Maximum excellent options for class C is : 6   
Maximum excellent options for class D is : 6   
Maximum excellent options for class X is : 6   
Maximum excellent options for class S is : 2 *

* maximum 2 excellent options to ruud sets
* maximum excellent options for ruud weapons : 3

  item must have at least 1 excellent option when opting.



:red_circle: CLASS A :red_circle:

50 Lucky Coins per option

Leather set

Bronze set

Vine set

Silk set

Wind set

Spirit set

Pad set

Mistery set

Brass set

Scale set

Plate set

Light Plate set

Bone set

Sphinx set

Red wing set

Robust set

Gru Hill set

Slayer Red Wing set

Rune Pad set

Rune Sphinx set

Scale Gunner

:blue_circle: CLASS A WEAPONS :blue_circle: 

50 Lucky Coins per option


Short Sword



Sword of Assasin


Serpent Sword

Sword of Salamander

Light Saber

Legendary Sword

Heliacal Sword

Sacred Glove

Flat Short Sword

Small Axe

Hand Axe

Double Axe


Elven Axe

Battle Axe

Nikea Axe

Mace Morning Star


Battle Scepter


Dragon Lance

Giant Trident

Double Poleaxe



Lapid Lance

Short Bow Bow

Elven Bow

Battle Bow

Tiger Bow

Golden Crossbow


Entropy Gun

Skull Staff

Angelic Staff

Serpent Staff

Thunder Staff

Gorgon Staff

Mystery Strick

Violent Wind Stick

Book of Sahamut



:red_circle: CLASS B :red_circle:

100 Lucky Coins per option

Dragon set Black

Dragon set

Grand Soul set

Eclipse set

Dark Steel set

Adamantine set

Divine set (holy spirit)

Guardian set Ancient set

Sacred Fire set

Princie set Sate set

Round Gunner set

Rune Legendary set

:blue_circle: CLASS B WEAPONS :blue_circle:

100 Lucky Coins

Double Sword

Lightning Sword

Giant Sword

Rune Blade

Holy Storm Claw

Dacia Short Sword

Larkan Axe

Cresent Axe

Great Hammer

Elemental Mace

Master Scepter

Great Scepter

Elemental Rune

Mace Light Spear

Serpent Spear

Bill of Balrog

Great Scythe

Conmocion Lance

Pluma Lance

Silver Bow

Light Crossbow

Serpent Cross Bow

Bluewing Crossbow

Combat Quiver

Frere Magic Gun

Legendary Staff

Staff of Resurrection

Chrome Staff

Red Wing Stick

Book of Neil

Raven Stick



:red_circle: CLASS C :red_circle:

150 Lucky Coins per option

Dark Phoenix set

Great Dragon set

Aschcrow set

Dark Soul set

Red Spirit set

Dark Master set

Glorious set

Storm Crow (atlans)

Hurricane set

Thunder Hawk set

Valiant set

Demonic set (black rose)

Iris set

Kenaz set

Hirat set

Night wing set slayer

Frere set gunner

Demonic set slayer

Storm Hazard set

Piercing groove set

:blue_circle: CLASS C WEAPONS :blue_circle:

150 Lucky Coins per option

Sword of Destruction

Dark Breaker

Thunder Blade

Dark Reign Blade

Crystal Sword

Knight Blade

Day Breaker

Sword Dancer

Piercing Glove

Cookery Short Sword

Crystal Sword

Morning Star

Lord Scepter

Great Lord Scepter

Shinning Scepter

Striker Scepter

El Hazard Mace

Dragon Spear

Vis lance

Aquagold Crossbow


Celestial Bow

Arrow Viper bow

Great Reign Crossbow

Albatross Bow

Angelic Bow

Dragon Soul Staff

Staff of Destruction

Staff of Kundun

Platina Staff

Ancient Stick

Demonic Stick

Book of Lagle


:red_circle: CLASS D :red_circle:

200 Lucky Coins per option

Dragon Knight set

Venom Mist set

Sylpid Ray set

Volcano set

Sunlight set

Aura set (Storm Blitz)

Phoenix Soul set


:blue_circle: CLASS D WEAPONS :blue_circle:

200 Lucky Coins per option

Bone Blade

Explosion Blade

Phoenix Soul Claw

Mace of King

Soleil Scepter

Sylph Wind Bow

Grand Viper Staff

Archangel Sword (blessed too)

Storm Blitz Stick(edited)



:red_circle: CLASS X :red_circle:
250 Lucky Coins per option




:red_circle: CLASS S :red_circle:

350 Lucky Coins per option

Ancient Bloodangel set

Ancient Darkangel set

Ancient Holyangel set

Ancient Soul set

Ancient BlueEye set

Ancient Silver Heart set

Ancient Manticore set


:blue_circle: CLASS S WEAPONS :blue_circle:
350 Lucky Coins per option

Ancient Bloodangel weapons

Ancient Darkangel weapons

Ancient Holyangel weapons

Ancient Soul weapons

Ancient Blueye weapons

Ancient Silverheart weapons

Ancient Manticore weapons

Posted14 / 02 / 2021




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