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08:48:17 Aug 02
LocrusMU Online:
Server Description 28
21.1.2021 18:00 game server time UTC+1 REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW

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LOCRUSMUServer Statistics

LocrusMUServer Statistics
Total Accounts 1627
Total Characters 3041
Total Guilds 29
Total Gms 10
Total Online 28
Active In 24 Hours 8

LocrusMUServer Market Statistics
Total Items 48
Active Items 0
Expired Items 48
Total Sold 24
Total Sales ForGold Credit 18625
Total Sales ForW Coin 1867
Total Sales ForGoblin Point 11.1 KK

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild Test101
State Truce Period
Money 285.4 KKZen
tax_chaos 3%
Tax Store 3%
Tax Hunt Zone 10000Zen

# Guild Master Reg Marks
1 Tester5 3rdGun 0




MEDIA all media
Currently this is only one server.