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08:05:30 Aug 02
LocrusMU Online:
Server Description 29
21.1.2021 18:00 game server time UTC+1 REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW

Server Update v1

Server Update v1:(Please Run launcher for full Update)
-Updated Last Man Standing Event
-Remove VIP Ticket from Cash Shop
-Fixed Damage Skills:
.Fire Slash
.Power Slash
.Lightning Storm
.Ice Break
.Death Ice
-Deleted high reward on Chaos Castle
-Adjust Monster on Chaos Castle / Kalima
-Added Tradeable Wcoin (coin) to Cash Shop
-Added Tradeable Goblin Point Coin to Cash Shop
-Fixed Great Golden Dragon not dropping Multiple BOK
-Fixed Golden Derkon not dropping Multiple BOK
-Added Ghost Horse Combination / Scratched Bloodangel Sculpture to Elite Abyss/Scorched Invasion
-Added Ice Dragon Combination / Scratched Bloodangel Sculpture to Elite Red Smoke Icarus/Temple Arenil Invasion
-Fixed Launcher Error on Keep updating files before Game Start
-Seal of Wealth / Ascension not Give Exp Boost %
-Fixed Skill Glitch Bug on Elf/SM/RF
-Added Ice Queen/Balrog/Hydra/Zaikan Notification kill

-Added Cash Shop Description -Fixed Brown Ring Description -Fixed Moss Display Wrong zen Value -Tantalos in Tarkan 2 Wrong HP -Added Book of Sahamut for Summoner in NPC Rhea -Launcher setting adusted not to close to enable -Launcher will not be auto minimize to Icon Tray (Bottom Right) Function for Game (Launcher must be Opened) .F7 - Hide to Tray .F8 - Restore Game to screen .F9 - Minimize .F10 - Auto Hold down Right Click -Arena Respawn after PK/Kill Warps back to safe zone -Added 2.5 Wings Materials to: .Losttower Death Knight - Death King Bone .Aida Witch Queen - Hell Mein Leather .Icarus Great Dragon - Dark Phoenix Flame .Tarkan Beam Knight - Death Beam Knight Soul -Adjusted some Gate level move in-correct -Increase Miracle Coin Drop Rate (Press same button to disable)

-Configured Happy Hours 50% Exp / Drop for 1hour (Everyday 03:00  / 15:00)

-Updated Maze of Dimension Diffculty and Rewards:
(Ruud Reward)
-Updated Illusion Temple Reward:
(Chance of Getting 10x Dark Jewel OR Ruud Box)

-Updated Imperial Fortress Reward:
(Chance of Getting Random Jewel OR Ruud Box)
(Chance of Getting Ancient Items on Sunday Gaion Boss)

-Adjusted Imperial Fortress Entry Level
-Updated Dopple Ganger Reward

(Chance of Getting Dark Jewels / Ruud Boxes)

-Castle Siege Configured
.Registration Start 25th
.Monday to Friday -Registration (Min. 10 Member in Guild)
.Saturday         -Sign of Lord (Only if there is more than 4 Guild Registering)
.Sunday           -Siege Warfare (16:00 ~ 17:00)

-Configured Acheron Guardian (Entrance in Lorencia NPC 114,132), Select No.9
(Everyday, Except Wednesday 12:00 / 00:00)

-Configured Arca War (Entrance in Lorencia NPC 114,132)
.Guild Master has 5 Min to Register
.Guild Member has 5 Min to Register after Guild Master
.Player will be Able to Click No.5 when Event has Started
(Wednesday 13:00)

Update: (Run Launcher to get full Update)
-Mini-Games reward now able to be stacked
-Ruud Boxes now able to be stacked
-Muun Egg now able to be stacked
-Bless of Light stack limit x50
-Change Deep Dungeon Entrance in Lorencia
-Added Jewel of Skill to Goblin Point Shop
-Adjusted Gigantic Storm for MG Range Over Limit
-Adjusted Rage Fighter Speed of Skill (Doesnt not affect Agility Speed Attack)
-Solid Protection Skill Increased
-Added Darkness Parchment to Losttower / Atlans
-Added Innovation/Weakness Parchment to Tarkan / Icarus
-Increase 1 HWID to PC now u can have 3 HWID to one PC

Posted25 / 01 / 2021By19010locrusmu

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