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08:26:20 Aug 02
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Server Description 28
21.1.2021 18:00 game server time UTC+1 REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW

Server Update V3

-Increase Chances to get Ice Dragon (Rare) 10% chances while creating Ice Dragon
-Added Garuda Flame/Feather/Exc Socket Necklace to Elite Mobbs Drop
-Change Ice Dragon Seal to Seal of Ghost Horse in Elite mobs Drop
-Increase Material Count from 1 to 10 in Elite mobs Drop
-Remove "Premium Box" from Moss Miracle Coin
-Devil Square now has Ruud Box Drops in Mobs
-Skill Sword blow Range Adjustment not giving damage on 4th Skill Tree
-Server 2 now is NON-PvP
Update:(Run Launcher to get full Update)
-Lucky Coin Info Update
-Dark knight Skill - Sword Blow - Formula adjusted. Damage Reduced
-Aqua Beast / Fire Beast / Death Scythe Damage increased
-Rage Fighter Stamina Buff / 3rd Skill Tree Enchance Stamina Buff Fixed issue not giving right HP
-Cash Shop Ticket Goblin Point x10 Quantity Fixed
-Cash Shop Removed duplicated Master Scroll of Strentener
-Added Reset for Website 25-300 max (We encourage you to use /reset unless you have penalties)
-All Class Agility / Class Defense Adjust on certain stats not giving Defense increases in-real
-Events Exp not giving Correct Exp Fixed
-Change left time to enter DS from 1 minute to 5 minutes
-Change Elite monster on DS to Abyss atlans monster
-Change Respawn time from Scotch Canyon to last maps to 9 sec (double spots)
-Add double spots to Red smoke icarus and Temple of Arenil
-Adjust monster in Red smoke icarus and Temple of Arenil
-Change Difficulty to boss God Of Darkness,( add low % chance to drop Wing of Power)

Posted11 / 02 / 2021By19010locrusmu

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Currently this is only one server.